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Christian Music Festival

Christian Music Festival

The Christian Music Festival is a not-for-profit organization that presents year-round concerts and events and an annual music festival, to celebrate Faith, Freedom and Canada!

The Christian Music Festival’s mission is to bring people who love to Praise and Worship Jesus Christ of Nazareth on a common platform so they can express their Faith and Freedom, freely, in an environment of community collaboration and celebration.

As an organization we endeavour towards:

  1. Artistic Excellence: At every event we bring together a diverse range of exceptional artists. Who operate in the spirit of excellence.
  2. Present Multiple Repertoires in performing arts. The Body of Christ has a rich heritage of Performing Arts! This provides audience with engaging opportunities to be inspired, have fun, discover new music genres and build new friendships!
  3. Celebrate Cultural Diversity. Heaven is a place where people from every nation, tribe, people and language will live! So we  strive to include singers and performers from every cultural background in the line up. Revelation 7:9
  4. Building Strong and Vibrant Communities: Communities matter because they are the most important social unit of our every day life. By bringing like minded people together, we are building strong and vibrant communities!
  5. Celebrating Canada: People from all over the world have chosen Canada for the Religious Freedoms it offers! We celebrate Canada, our Home and Native land at all our events!

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