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Fresh Paint Studio

Fresh Paint Studio

Fresh Paint Studio is all about the experience – the experience of creating and appreciating inspiring art.  Fresh Paint Studio is all about creating art fearlessly.

We are a team of friendly, professional artists and art lovers who are committed to reconnecting you with the love of creating art.

We believe that the art experience does not have to be confined to galleries, museums and other conventional art spaces.  We believe that at Fresh Paint Studio – the art is experience should be relaxing, social and fun.

More About Fresh Paint Studio

One part chemistry lab for painting and creating. One part café spot with tasty treats. One part lounge with relaxing music, spoken word and other inspiring entertainment. One part retail space with unique artsy items like art prints, wearable art and greeting cards. Blend this all together and you have Fresh Paint Studio.

An artistic experience that satisfies the senses.

What’s in a Name?

Fresh… not previously known or used; new or different; recently created.

Fresh Paint Studio is all about letting you tap into your unknown creativity. It is a space focused on nurturing creative new ideas, nurturing the imagination and giving it a place to breathe. Fresh Paint Studio gives you a chance to open up and let your creativity just be.


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