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The Flare Productions

The Flare Productions

The Flare Productions, founded September 19th, 2020, is a Toronto based female created and female, femme & queer led production company dedicated to creating space for and celebrating the works and voices of Female identifying artists, LGBTQIA+ artists and unrepresented artists in all mediums of the entertainment industry.

We strive to tell unheard stories and create an open, safe and welcoming space, free from judgment and restraint. We approach all projects with a fearless honesty and imperishable fierceness for ambition and change. We are an intensely burning light for artists to create anything that may set a flare off in their hearts.

We hope to invoke change and disrupt the standard structure of Canadian theatre through empathy, love, and unabashed joy.


  • Gallery 1 - The Flare Productions
  • Gallery 2 - The Flare Productions
  • Gallery 3 - The Flare Productions
  • Gallery 4 - The Flare Productions
  • Gallery 5 - The Flare Productions
  • The Flare Productions’ April 2022 production of The Good Guys - a new Canadian Musical.

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